To produce the “twin-vision” children’s book entitled, I SEE THE WORLD©©, as not only an enjoyable story for a young child—whether fully sighted, visually impaired, or blind—but also as a means of teaching sensitivity to disabilities and diversity. We envision this book as a way to help build interest in braille by sighted children and their families, thus increasing braille literacy in the process. We offer I SEE THE WORLD©© as an educational, inspirational, and motivational piece. Through its lesson of tolerance and understanding, we see it as a blueprint for teaching children from an early age to honor the many differences of all persons by treating each other with dignity and with respect.


JEAN BARLOW – Author/Publisher

Jean Barlow - Author/Publisher


For ten years Jean was managing partner of the music company formed to showcase the songwriting of Karen Benedetto and did much of the “behind the scenes” work required to produce and promote Karen’s work. An experienced actress, singer, narrator, and product spokesperson, Jean was seen as program host on QVC and The Fashion Channel as well as on Global Shopping Network. She also continues a variety of activities in business, civic and community projects and volunteer efforts in and around her new home in Venice, FL. She is honored to share this book with the world--a labor of love…



KAREN BENEDETTO –  Poet/Songwriter


Karen’s inspiration for the I SEE THE WORLD poem comes from her own visual challenges of amblyopia and strabismus, conditions that required her wearing a corrective patch as a very young child, and, at age 3, beginning a lifelong wearing of glasses with heavily corrected lenses. In writing and sharing this story in poetry and song, she is hopeful the child with any visual impairment will find courage and acceptance, and that the sighted child will feel compassion and understanding. Karen's work has been recognized in a number of international songwriting competitions, has had radio airplay in markets across the U.S., and her peace songs, including “The Call” (her timeless and healing response to ‘9/11’) have been heard at the United Nations and at spiritual and civic observances across the country and around the world.

Music writing styles include folk, country, pop, cabaret, inspirational, and special project material. "Right From the Start… (the Songs of Karen Benedetto)", was her debut songwriter CD and is still available through her website, www.KarenBenedettoSongs.com.

Karen Benedetto



MARK BREY –  Illustrator

Mark was an accomplished performer, garnering a number of awards for his extraordinary work in both dramatic and musical productions in New York City as well as regional theatre, in venues as diverse as the Judith Shakespeare Co., Reagle Players, Alliance Theatre, the Bailiwick in Chicago, Sacramento Theatre Co, Florida Rep, and the Los Angeles Opera, as well as a variety of TV projects. In addition to his performing career, he had a natural gift for and a lifelong love of drawing which led to his work on this project, including “Glen” and “Paul” into the story. Mark died suddenly before completing the illustrations for I See the World…


LAURA LICHTBLAU - Illustrator 

Laura can relate to the Patch Boy character in the story.  She has had glaucoma in her right eye since her early teens, and also sees the world “through just one eye”.  She has had a love of drawing since childhood.  Basically a “self-taught” artist, she has also taken some classes at both the School of Visual Arts and Parsons School of Design in New York City.  Laura is delighted for this challenging opportunity to create new characters and visual ideas for the book as well as to complete the illustrations begun by Mark. She has contributed vital and coordinating story elements in her drawings for this piece.  She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Harvey; daughter, Sarah; cats, “Cody” and “Chloe”; a guinea pig; and, many fish. 

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