As a literacy specialist, I am pleased to give Jean Barlow’s book I SEE THE WORLD my heart-felt recommendation! Using child-friendly language along with beautifully animated illustrations, she opens a new world to children that helps them understand that all children, including those visually impaired, can “see” all the riches of the world. Her book is filled with love and respect that supports healthy childhood development nurtures caring, sensitivity, and empathy. Powerful additional qualities are added to the printed text by the inclusion of braille and a CD with both a reading by the author and a lyrical song. This book is a treasure for families, teachers, and anyone involved in any form of childhood education.

Dr. Michael L. Shaw, Professor of Literacy Education, St. Thomas Aquinas College Sparkill, NY

“We absolutely LOVE your book! It’s a fantastic idea that you have labored to manifest! Bravo! A lot of compassion and insight went into the collaborative effort of this project. With such deliberately loving intention behind it, I cannot fathom anything for your book except broad success. The story is sweet, welcoming, and innocent. Children will immediately respond positively to it because you have captured the essence of the child’s pure spirit. The music is also sweet, upbeat, and, given the female singer’s voice, gentle and open. It goes without saying that the dual delivery of your message is desperately needed and perfectly timely.

Cindy C., New York, NYC

“The children and teachers [of Sedalia Elementary School] have loved the book. It’s really a wonderful and beautiful teaching tool.”

Judy H., Greensboro, NC

“I loved your story! Thanks for helping me learn about blindness and blind people.”

Jemma, Age 8, Queens, NY

”Thank you so much for your lovely book. Kids and their parents are LOVING it!”

Mariola S., Shining Mountain Center for Peaceful Childhood, Chestnut Ridge, NY


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