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As a literacy specialist, I am pleased to give Jean Barlow’s book I SEE THE WORLD my heart-felt recommendation! Using child-friendly language along with beautifully animated illustrations, she opens a new world to children that helps them understand that all children, including those visually impaired, can “see” all the riches of the world. Her book is filled with love and respect that supports healthy childhood development nurtures caring, sensitivity, and empathy. Powerful additional qualities are added to the printed text by the inclusion of braille and a CD with both a reading by the author and a lyrical song. This book is a treasure for families, teachers, and anyone involved in any form of childhood education.

Dr. Michael L. Shaw, Professor of Literacy Education, St. Thomas Aquinas College Sparkill, NY

"I bought your book for my daughter Olivia. I want to thank you again for such a fantastic book. My daughter has had either me or my husband read it to her every day. She really enjoys it. It is very important to my husband and me to raise her in a life of accepting others who are different, and loving fellow human beings. Your book exemplifies that message so beautifully. Thank you."

Melissa W., Dingmans Ferry, PA

"Our family so enjoyed your delightful book. I bought it for my grandchildren, ages 1 and 3. When my husband and I went to their home for dinner a few weeks ago, I told them I was going to read them something special at dessert time. Grace, the 3-year-old, became excited and very wide-eyed as I began to read, "I See The World." After I finished reading, she asked, ‘how do the children see and read the book?’ I then showed her the braille writing and asked her to place her fingers over it. She was really amazed and quite intrigued by the braille letters that I explained to her become the words. She then took the book and put the CD in her player to listen to the song. It was a very special time for all of us, especially as I told you that my husband was raised by two blind aunts. He has always told the family that his two aunts taught him more about life and love—and saw and felt more—than anyone who had eyesight. Grace also loved the character, “Paul", because she told us that a boy in her class looked just like him with the same kind of patch over his eye. Then she skipped away to dance along with the song. Thanks for sharing this wonderful book with us and with the world. We will never forget that amazing experience with our children and grandchildren."

Roseann L, Piermont, NY

“Pat chose your book tonight for his reading material, when he finished he said: ‘Wow- those two can sure write a good book!!!’"

Kathleen R., Congers, NY, Mom of Pat, age 8

“...I decided to give the book to my granddaughter, Emily, since she has a blind girl in her class. According to her mother, Emily is fascinated with her classmate, and tries to help her all the time. She is really enjoying I See the World. Thanks!"

Marion L., Monsey, NY

“This past Sunday I had the opportunity to share your wonderful book, “I See the World" with my cousin’s son who is six years old and has amblyopia. He doesn’t wear a patch but uses special drops which blur the vision in his good eye, forcing him to use his “lazy eye". He, of course, thought the book was all about him and was positively thrilled. I’m not sure if you have any idea what a powerful impact your work has on children who see things just a bit differently. To see his face light up and to see him show such enthusiasm over a “book" was monumental, touching, and such a special moment. Thanks for the special work you do, and for thinking outside the box."

Gail B., Hemet, CA

"We discovered this book through our neighbor—the author of I SEE THE WORLD. I immediately saw how very special it is. Our son turned three in November and we have been delighted with his positive response to it, even before his second birthday! He was grabbed first by the great illustrations, and now he’s enjoying the story. It is such a special book that I have given quite a few copies as birthday presents to his playmates and classmates, with grateful thanks from their parents. Its message of caring and understanding makes it a very meaningful gift. I can highly recommend this unique little book for all young children..."

Nicole S., New York, NY

"I am a music educator with a focus in special education and am currently going to Florida State University for my masters in music therapy. I have worked with children with various disabilities through music education and music therapy. I think your book is absolutely wonderful, and I cannot wait to use it with some of my students. I have grown up around various disabilities and am focusing my career on children with special needs. This book is such a great tool for ALL classrooms and I absolutely love the idea and message that it sends to both adults and children. This book is a great step in the right direction; thank you for sharing it!"

Laura M., Tallahassee, FL

“I am a member of the National Braille Association and I saw their posting on Facebook about your book. I've gone into my daughter's classroom at least once a year for the past 3 years to teach the kids a bit about braille. I have a couple of books from the American Printing House for the Blind that I bring in that are print/braille, but those are just typical stories that have braille overlaid. I really think your book with its message of tolerance and understanding will be perfect! Congrats to you on publishing such a beautiful book!"

Kathleen C., New York, NY

“I just want you to know how wonderful your book is. My granddaughter, Morgan (age 7), has some learning/reading difficulties. She has embraced your book and reads it every night at bedtime. It is so helpful for her. When I received your thank you note, Morgan recog- nized the picture right away. She asked if she could put it with the book as a keepsake. I can't wait to see our other grandchildren's reaction to your book. It has been so wonderfully received by Morgan and her brother and sister, and the CD is played often. I am trying to spread the word about I See the World..."

Rosalee G., Albertson, NC

“I will give this book to our newest granddaughter to get her book collection off to a wonderful start. We will share this very special story with all the children, and it should provide a great opportunity for meeting people with disabilities and learning how they have the same feelings on the inside as all of us. Thank you for providing such a great bridge to the discussion."

Debbie C., Pearl River, NY

“By awakening one to understanding and compassion for the experiences of the visually impaired, this lovely book causes one to choose a softer, kinder lens for seeing his or her fellow travelers in this world..."

Maggie N., San Antonio, TX

“Just finished reading I See the World. The design, illustrations, braille explanations, stories, and characters are all delightful. You and Karen have done a wonderful job--an act of love. I will treasure this book..."

Maria B., Apopka, FL

“Our three girls love this wonderfully illustrated, heart-warming book! Each of them has a favorite page, and as parents we are glad to have this “tool" to broaden their horizons about the diversity of people in this wonderful world."

Fernando & Cathe A., College Station, TX

“This is a great book!"

Eli, Age 7, Congers, NY

“My nephew loved the book! He seemed to really like the imagery the most, and I thought that was pretty cool, since he’s a busy boy and they’re so hard to keep still. So I think it’s something he’ll keep and always be able to enjoy. Thanks again, and all the best with I See theWorld!"

Keisha H., New York, NY

“I gave the book, I See the World, to both my grandchildren, and I am delighted with their reaction to the colorful drawings on each page as I read to them. They are too young to understand the concept but I am sure it will introduce them to a world of sharing and understanding. Thank you for this opportunity."

Carla W., Northvale, NJ

“I love the pictures in the book and the letters in braille!"

Alaina O., Age 8, Congers, NY

“I really love this book! I read it to my roommate’s baby and he enjoys it very much. I have been spreading the word to my friends and coworkers who have kids. Thank you for I See the World!"

J.D., San Antonio, TX

“We absolutely LOVE your book! It’s a fantastic idea that you have labored to manifest! Bravo! A lot of compassion and insight went into the collaborative effort of this project. With such deliberately loving intention behind it, I cannot fathom anything for your book except broad success. The story is sweet, welcoming, and innocent. Children will immediately respond positively to it because you have captured the essence of the child’s pure spirit. The music is also sweet, upbeat, and, given the female singer’s voice, gentle and open. It goes without saying that the dual delivery of your message is desperately needed and perfectly timely."

Cindy C., New York, NYC

“The children and teachers [of Sedalia Elementary School] have loved the book. It’s really a wonderful and beautiful teaching tool."

Judy H., Greensboro, NC

“I loved your story! Thanks for helping me learn about blindness and blind people."

Jemma, Age 8, Queens, NY

"Thank you so much for your lovely book. Kids and their parents are LOVING it!"

Mariola S., Shining Mountain Center for Peaceful Childhood, Chestnut Ridge, NY

“Your book arrived and I could not wait to see it...then feel it...then read it! It is most unusual and it certainly speaks to acceptance and compassion. A fine job and I wish you much success with it. Thank you so much!"

Ellen, T., Fayetteville, AR

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